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As I start this blog I can’t help but get choked-up as it brings a flood of memories of my late mother – Juliana Saldanha – things we did, things we didn’t, things we could have done better………. the memories are endless. I am sure the same goes for my siblings and I am ever so grateful for being inspired by none other than my mother herself to write “Mais Recipes” to commemorate her life which keeps us close to her.

We never imagined “Mais Recipes” would become so popular. As explained in the ‘Preface’ the book was just meant to be used within the family, but a series of events lead to a reprint of the ‘souvenir’ and we have now initiated the Third Edition which is in printing stage.

Our desire is to stay connected with all those using the book to have an exchange of queries, comments and suggestions on the recipes and to allow for open discussions. The recipes

in the book are not picked-up from other recipe books or off the net, but have been a way of life in our homes and therefore completely authentic and original. If a recipe requires further clarification or a step-by-step pictorial guide, by all means please feel free to ask!

Communication and questions of any nature are recommended and would be greatly appreciated and we shall endeavor to fulfill every request, even if the topic is outside the food genre! I can confidently say we have the collective family expertise to comment and answer on diverse topics.

Through this channel, we would also wish to share New recipes and information to all our family, friends and well-wishers.

Last but not the least, we would like to use this platform to convey our gratitude to all current and potential users of “Mais Recipes”. Thank-you!


Cecilia Monthi Pinto

Mais Recipes the book


  1. Mai’s Recipes has truly been a book which first comes to our mind while cooking….We have prepared delicious recipes with the help of this book. Infact we’ve carried this book with us to Birmingham, and I religiously follow most of the recipes…Thank you for sharing the recipies in the form of this book….Hatzz off to the time and energy you’ve invested in creating this book. Simple and everyday ingredients, brief cooking method and awesome pic of the dish 🙂


    • Dear Doilyn, Truly appreciate your kind words and comments and so glad the book is helping you and young wives and mothers like you. All the best and may Mai’s blessings remain on you and all those remembering her through her recipes.


  2. OPHILIA PAIS says:

    visited your site accidentally… but all recipies reminded me my mum… specially thiklein and randho… god almighty bless you in all the way for posting these authentic manglorean recipies…


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