A Birthday Lunch at Asha’s


Celebrated my birthday this 5th of September, 2015, at Asha’s with Lunch.  The plan was to go to Asha’s Avenues but as that was under renovation we decided to go to Asha’s Marina Crescent. The place was welcoming and had a pleasant ambience. Service was good and we did not have to wait too long for the food to be served. The food was good and not too spicy (except for the Biryani) as we ordered ‘medium spicy’. But was disappointed with the ‘Chingri Chaap’, didn’t taste like prawns at all. The Samosas were delicious. The desserts were not all that great and the Kulfi left a peculiar powdery taste on the tongue.

After the meal the restuarant staff  brought in a little chocolate souffle cake with a candle to blow-out and gathered around the table and sang ‘Happy Birthday’.  Asha’s also went further and took our family picture which they handed to us before we left.  This certainly added a special touch to the occasion and this gesture more than made up for the not so pleasing Kulfi taste.  Asha’s do you need a better Kulfi recipe??

Would definitely go again and worth a visit!

What we ate….and drank!

Alchemist, Strawberry Passion mash, Rose Jam Iced Teas, 2.5 e
Kababs – Speciality Platter, selection of murgh malai, chicken tikka and gosht seekh kabab 6.85 e
Mutton Samosas
Vegetable Samosas & Chingri Chaap
Main Course – Dhaniya Murgh 4.45 e
Bhindi Masala 2.9 e
Kesar Biryani, 6.7 e

With an assortment of Breads, Lacha parantha, Butter naan, 0.65 e

Dessert, Rasmalai
Mango Kulfi

And the highlight of the day!

With Compliments from ASHA’s!!


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