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Cooking is my passion.  Had I realised this in my earlier years I would have quite certainly opted for a career related to food …. and most likely… FOOD TECHNOLOGY.  The art and science of food and it’s preparation truly excites and fascinates me, but lacking the required expertise, I fulfil my passion by just trying out various recipes!

Ever since I was a child I used to collect all kinds of recipes.  The moment I picked a magazine I would first flip through to the recipe section.  Being a voracious reader, in addition to various fiction, non-fiction, romance, mystery….I grew up reading Eve’s Weekly, Illustrated Weekly, Readers Digest, Femina, etc. and I used to keep a scrap-book with cuttings of recipes from all magazines.  I have also noted down recipes shared by my friends and relatives. This hobby opened new avenues for me to pursue my passion.  I continue collecting recipes and with present day internet technology a range of information is available at our finger-tips….literally!

Besides the book Mais Recipes, I have also been inspired by my mother to share my cooking diaries and am therefore embarking on this journey…

Hope you’ll enjoy this food blog and the recipes and information. I would look-up to you all, my family and friends, to share, patronise and promote my blog.

Click on the ‘Follow me’ link and stay updated with new posts.  You can write to me at cecilia65@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Cecilia Pinto


Email: cecilia65@gmail.com


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