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Mai’s Recipes” is dedicated to a kind and loving mother who passed away on 14th October, 2000.  It is an humble attempt by her children to keep her memory alive and to continue contributing, in her name, to the charities that she supported during her lifetime.

The book is a treasure of 154 recipes with a colour illustration for each recipe, covering simple daily home cooking, dishes for special and festive occasions, Christmas sweets and most importantly the special food for lactating mothers and traditional mangalorean delicacies which would certainly serve as a valuable resource for present and future generations. You will find some recipes from the book on this blog, click on “Mais Recipes” to view them. The book though has many many more!  Enjoy cooking and eating them. Do let us have your reviews and comments.

To obtain a copy of the book, you may contact me, Cecilia Pinto directly, by Email: or call, watsapp or text message on (M) +91 9833457188.

Alternatively, you may contact any of the following by telephone, watsappp, email or text message :-

Mumbai, India

  1. Mabel & Lawrence Dias    Tel: (R) +91 22 26 77 12 75 (M) +91 96 19 90 05 40 Email:
  2. Cecilia & Rudy Pinto         (M) + 91 9833457188 Email:
  3. Theo & Vida Saldanha      Tel: (R) +91 22 26 44 30 88 (M) +91 97 69 63 44 73 Email:
  4. Zenia & Gerard Machado Tel: (R)+91 22 26 42 92 58 (M) +91 98 20 42 17 65  Email:


  1. John (Louis) & Diana Saldanha Tel: (R) +965 24 73 28 35 (M) +965 99 84 56 57 Email:


  1. Sheryl & Glenn Newnes Tel: (M) +852 61 29 63 27  Email:


  1. Melissa Dias Pereira    Tel: (M) +971 55 55 60 571  Email:

Books are also available at the following outlets:-

Mumbai – India

1. St. Blaise Church book stall, Amboli.

2. Mangalore Stores, Mahim (Near St. Michael’s Church)

3. Mangalore Stores, Orlem, Malad Market, Malad (W).

4. IC Church, Borivili

5. Happy Book Stall, Hill Road, Bandra.

6. Marks Cold Storage, Pali Naka, Bandra.

7. St. Pauls, Bandra.

8. Pauline Publications, Waterfield Rd, Bandra.

9. Modern Cold Storage, New Kalina Municipal Market, Shop 51-54, Kalina, Santacruz (E).

Mangalore – India

1. Pauline Book & Media Center, Opp. Milagres Church, Hampankatta, Mangalore

2. Yeyyadi Mini Mart, Opp. Winz & Spiritz, Paduv Konchady Post, Airport Rd. Mangalore.
3. Mothercare, Super Bazar, Udupi.
Books can be sent/mailed to any part of the world.

The latest print edition has a correction to be made to the “Vorn” recipe. Kindly refer here for details.

A special thank you to all the kind people stated herebelow, for taking the time to comment on the book.  Your feedback is always much appreciated and very important to us.

Comments on “Mais Recipes” received over the years…..

Sheryl,  Thank you so much for the recipe book, I have been salivating just looking at these recipes. What a fabulous tribute and way  to keep her memory alive.  Do you have a stock of books as I am sure my siblings would really appreciate it too.  All these recipes are similar to my Mum’s and she has shared them electronically with us, but it is nice to have everything in a book with photos. —Lyssa Mascarenhas

Mai’s Recipes has truly been a book which first comes to our mind while cooking….We have prepared delicious recipes with the help of this book. In fact we’ve carried this book with us to Birmingham, and I religiously follow most of the recipes…Thank you for sharing the recipes in the form of this book….Hatzz off to the time and energy you’ve invested in creating this book. Simple and everyday ingredients, brief cooking method and awesome pic of the dish 🙂 – Doilyn Mathais

Your mais recipes are over the top… I just completely adore it…this book was given to me by one of my aunt for my wedding which was 8 years back…Can you please tell me how I can avail of further copies for my friends…also is there a soft version online? – Patricia Santmajor

So good to hear that people like you are documenting family recipes – much needed when our eating habits have changed so drastically today and many treasured recipes are in danger of being lost forever. Looking forward to many more delicious recipes – the ones I have tried have turned out very well. Cheers! – Rita D’souza, Mumbai

I had ‘Mai’s Recipes’ collected from Mabel today and am absolutely delighted to have a copy. It must have been a labour of love for all of you as is evident from the number of recipes and the photographs. What a wonderful tribute to your beloved mother and a precious keepsake for your family!  I do wish more families would document and preserve traditional family recipes, many of which are fast disappearing as lifestyles change. Congratulations on being one of the first to lead the way. I am sure I will enjoy trying out the recipes – they appear to be simple and delicious, and must be perfect as you have been using them in your family for many years. Thanks again and warm regards –  Rita D’souza, Mumbai

I am really enjoying Mais  Recipe books simple Recipes. In fact I had my book I have given to my daughter after her marriage to see and learn cooking.  She had just completed her MBA education and immediately she got married and she never knew cooking and now looking at the Mais Recipe Book and on Google, she learnt a lot. I will go through your blog and see some more recipes  and will be in touch with you. Thank you once again. God bless you and your entire family. – Theresa Lobo, Dubai/Sharjah

I just got a feed back from one of my clients on your mums Fish Curry and apparently it was a very big hit. This one was hit right out of the park. So be proud that despite you staying in Bandra your family is soon becoming a international sensation – Clint Martin

I happened to come across the cookery book published by your family and containing simple homemade recipes by your mother (we used to call our late granny “Mai’ too). I had tried some recipes from the book and it brought me nostalgic aromas and tastes of the curries which our Mai (grandmother) used to prepare for us when we were kids. I guess all the Mai’s had that special touch with them as even my mother can’t come anywhere close to her food. This book was lent to me by one of our friends and it seems that it was being sold in our church in Dubai. But after that I have searched everywhere for this book even in the book stores in Bombay and I cannot find this book. Would you be able to kind and advise me where can I pick up a copy of this recipe book. I am from Bombay and stay in Orlem, Malad. But currently living and working in Dubai. Please do let me know as I would like to have a personal copy for myself and take my children (who were born here in Dubai) on a gastronomic tour down the Manglorean lane. I would really appreciate if you could find some time to write back. – Crispin Pinto

I was chatting with Irene and she was asking me for some recipes, I spoke to her about your mum’s recipes.  I did tell her that they are all simple and good and I have the book in my kitchen cupboard which I refer to.  It’s nice that she managed to get it.  I will keep informing anyone who talks about recipes as they are really good. The other day I spoke to Rosita in Mangalore as her mother passed away suddenly and her sister Anita was actually referring to your mum’s recipe book in the absence of her beloved mother.  Rosita had also purchased the books when I was in Kuwait. – Susan, Dubai

God is great…. its a nice recipe book and famous tooo – Cynthia, Dubai

We have really making  this book Famous Indeed the recipes are really nice easy to follow and simple. I even got these books from Bombay when I went down last time. All thanks Go to Cynthia She is the one to send the add to me and also this book has reached Ireland, and soon I will sending it to my cousin in Norway and Canada and USA  – Leena

I got the book from my sister as I use to worry her all the time for recipes which she had to either send them via  email or give them to me over the phone.  She got wise and gave me this book and  I know I have said this b4 but this recipe book is really good.  Your mom was a great cook – Guess you guys had the time of your lives when she was around with her wonderful cooking and I am sure for many other things as well! BTW – I tried the sorpotel recipe and it was awesome! – David Ferns

 I want to thank you for putting this Recipe book together and it has such wonderful recipes.  I rarely cook manglorian or goan food but when I saw this book – I started cooking these foods more.  David

Thank you for the compliment on the fish curry made by me. But I dont deserve the compliment. If you want to give compliment call up the author of MAI’s recipe and compliment her for all that I do is refer to that book. GOD bless MAI’s soul for giving such great recipes. Having said above, I would suggest you to stick to the recipe strictly. Don’t experiment much, except on pro-rata basis to get the authentic Manglaorean taste of the curry. I would suggest you to refer to the Rauons/Surmai Curry and try that one but with the same fish. Don’t experiment this curry using BANGADA OR THARLI, it might come out horrible for the recipe is different for these. I think you have a copy of the MAI’s recipe with you too. Mine is worn out but am still hanging onto it. If you don’t have, I request you to approach the author and request one and / or request the author to send the fish curry recipe to you to make your week-end FISHY!!!!.  WD, Kuwait

My wife was gifted a copy of Mai’s Recipes from a dear family friend, Bernadette (earlier from Vile Parle). The book is now a hit here at home. Being married to a Goan for 28 years, over a period of time I had forgotton a lot of our traditional cuisine, till I saw some of the recipes in the book, among others like valchi bhaji, moghe sar, pathrade, mootlis which my mother made. My wife tries her best to make some of the traditional manglorean receipes. Your labour of love will certainly help to take her talent forward. The publication is a unique tribute to your mother. What a wonderful memory to leave behind. – Regards and best wishes, Marush & Ronny Saldanha, Mumbai

Your books are really in demand.  I have an order for 6 books.  Can I get them on mid October in Sharjah.  I will be going on vaction to Mumbai /Mangalore on 1st of November and will be back on 30th of November.  So, pls if I can get these books before I leave to give it to my niece and friends who are really happy to see the nice recipes. Also let me know in Mumbai where I can get them.  I will inform my friends and relatives in Mumbai to buy.  I want to make your Mai a famous Mai. Thank u very much in advance.God bless u and awaiting yr reply asap. – Best regards, Theresa Lobo, Dubai

It is so nice to hear so many nice comments about your mum’s recipe book.  The book is indeed a good one as most of the recipes tried out by me all came out fantastic. Thanks to you as you have taken so much care and time to bring this book forth!  I cannot forget the lovely Christmas sweets that you used to prepare and you yourself are a good cook like your mother so you must be having your own recipes which must be delicious….I was wondering if you have any Mughalai recipes! Best regards, Susan, Dubai

It so happens, that I have a copy of the book, Mai’s Recipes, to tell you the truth i love it, and my husband often asks me to cook from that book.  I liked it so much i gifted it to one of my newly wed friends and bought another copy recently from Mumbai. Your mother has been a lifesaver for me through this book. Thanks. Will forward this info. to my friends. Thanks & God Bless, Sophia Cutinho, Kuwait

The world is indeed very small they say. I was very happy to get your email mentioning about the Mai Recipe book which is your compilation, a tribute to your mom and I must acknowledge that it is indeed a very lovely book!! I have a wonderful home secretary who has tried practically all of the recipes in it and during weekends, we both breathe in and out of that book most of the times. Nearly all of the recipes hv turned out to be real good. Hd taken a copy to my mom in India, given some to my family friends who left from here, and hv distributed ordered copies to my office colleagues here in Kuwait. I was given a free copy by a regular churchgoer (each morning v used to meet at ahmadi church)  and the distribution started from there. Also I happened to know your relative and was able to get me the ordered copies that time with ease. May God bless you lots for this kind dedication to your mom. – Verna Fernandes, Kuwait

I have tried the kichidi and the liver sorpotel from Mai’s Recipes. I had cooked the same dishes before on several occasions, but following the exact proportion and sequence made a big difference in the taste as well as the texture of the food. Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes with us – Virginia, Kuwait

I went thru’ the website you guys have created in memory of your mummy. It is such a sweet gesture. Kudos. I will check for vegetarian recipes 🙂  Manisha

Thru FB – 


So very true! Let our daughters carry on with Mangalorean cooking. -Diana Flora D Souza  

I have one. it’s really helpful..specially fr some1 who didnt know how to cook!!! – Vanita D’souza Correa 

 Sheryl Newnes – Is this the same book you gifted me or is it another edition. Love the one I have. -Patricia Correa
 Very good book.. its my gift to many a youngster esp when they are beginners .. they will be thrilled with the outcome.. love it – Lalita Theresa Alphonso ·
Thank you very much for the lovely gift Sheryl! It’s really helping me almost every day
Love it – Shyamala Ajay Naik · 
 I’ve had this book for a while now…really helpful..and all the recepies have the touch of a emoticon – Verushka Rebelo D’Souza 
 Its of great help to my daughters-in-law too.. and they r trying the recipies – Carmeline Almeida
Thanks to my Aunty’s, Uncles, mum, dad who made Mais book possible I never feel r dearest Mai to be far away, But a part of our daily lives.Specially when wr in r kitchen.Love n miss u Mai… – Melissa Dias Pereira
 I still use the recipe book, how are you all??? love to all of you – Cindy Rodrigues 
 We remember her always. “Mai’s Recipes” is a very useful book and our ready guide before cooking. – Richard Olivera
I rem having this book in my kitchen just after marriage. I’ve tried out some yummy recipes n impressed myself thanks to Mai’s book. Great job a.cecilia. – Merlyn D’cruz

I still use the recipes from this book … and when the dish turns out tasty … i don’t mention ‘MAI’ … i simply say ‘I’.  … am I being selfish???? =$ – Kookie Colaso

 I still use the recipe book, and all the reipes are yummy.Thanks Cecilia – Anita Martins. –
A very useful n easy to prepare recipe book…Mai’s Recipes is a blessing in my kitchen. -Celine Noronha  
This book is perfect for newly weds. Jenni used it when she was in kuwait and I used it after she left. We are glad we have it. Thank you aunty. – Daniel Pais
 I still continue to use the book…… Thank you aunty for the lovely Mai’s recipe book – Jennifer Lobo Pais 
 I cant do without this book….till today  – Rianna Veronica Rodrigues

Cecilia I still use this recipe book that you had given me. Thanks alot!! -Yvonne D’souza  

 Thank you aunty for making this lovely book I use it all the time n everything I try turns out yummy… The book is so famous with easy yummy recipes… – Cintal Quadros

Oh yes! I carried it all the way to use it in US for preparing dishes for my lactating daughter. – Diana Flora D Souza

Cecilia, Made the green pomfret curry on Friday and took all the credit for it… but of course the real credit goes to your family for bringing Mai’s Recipes into our homes – Susan Vaz.

I agree! Every recipe tried out by me from Mai’s Recipe book is a success! I have the book in my kitchen from Kuwait to Dubai to Goa – Milagres (Susan) Fernandes

Love the book! Thank you Mai 🙂 – Adele Pereira

Congrats Cecilia, it’s a wonderful book and memorable too.  For a really hardcore mangalorean delicious dishes I always refer to it and it turns out fine.  Thanks once again to you and all the efforts put in by everyone.  God Bless you all. – Joe Pinto



  1. Janessa Fernandes says:

    Hi.. I would like to purchase a copy of the recipe book. I live in Udupi, could you please let me know from where I can get one..
    Thank you🙂


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