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Kulith (Horse gram) the poor man’s superfood!

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Kulith – Horse gram


Kulith (Horse Gram)

Kulith sprouted vegetable (3)

Kulith (Horse Gram) sprouted

Kulith, horse gram, kulthi or madras gram is a poor man’s super food widely cultivated and consumed in mainly rural India and although it is a powerhouse of nutrients, the bean has sadly been ignored and overlooked in today’s modern day.

This post hopes to give this humble legume its due and to encourage you to cook and consume this nutrient dense bean called Kulith or horse gram.

Horse gram is light to digest, increases pitta and Rakta (blood) according to Ayurveda. The beans contain plenty of calcium, phosphorous, iron and has the highest protein value and is a high-powered legume which is why it is also used as a common feed for horses and so the name ‘Horse Gram’.

Soaking the horse gram overnight or sprouting it gives it a higher nutritive value and makes it more digestible. The soaked or sprouted bean also takes less time to cook.

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Hotel Calcutta Kuwait – Valentine’s Family Lunch

February 2017


Our Valentine’s family lunch this year was at “Hotel Calcutta”; the name clearly a misnomer for me as, in my mind it conjured up images of traditional Bengali cuisine known for its subtle flavors like the jhals, jhols, kormas, Posto, and desserts like Mishti Doi and Roshgollas and we were already discussing that we would skip the ‘Macher Jhol’, etc.  But the menu, though very limited, is predominantely influenced by the distinct Awadhi legacy of the Nawab era of the 1700’s which is derived from Mughlai cuisine. Typical Mumbai street fare like Pau Bhaji, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, etc. has also made it to the menu and can be enjoyed in a 5-Star setting, not sure if these are also part of Calcutta street fare as I have not visited Calcutta. Continue reading

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