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My Inspiration

My Recipe books My Inspiration

My cooking has mainly been inspired by these books which were gifted to me earlier in life by my Sisters, Mabel Dias (Prashad), Zenia Machado (Khana Khazana), Sheryl Newnes (Heart healthy & Low fat cooking).  My close friend Viola Netto gifted me The East Indian cookery book soon after my marriage and it served as a perfect guide to my meal preparation as a new home-maker. My note-books contain precious recipes shared by my Aunt Prescilla Fernandes and my neighboour Irene Vaz. Am not sure if they would remember sharing Continue reading

My Breakfast Diaries

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with some time-management it’s not difficult to cook-up a deliciously satisfying and healthy breakfast. On several occasions I have been asked, what are the various foods you prepare for breakfast.  I have also heard many times ‘I don’t know what to make for breakfast’ or ‘what can you make for breakfast?’ This post is for all you lovely people and there should be no excuse for ‘I don’t know what to make for breakfast’! Stay tuned…

I spend almost an hour and a half to two hours in the kitchen each morning before I leave for work (that’s because I am an early riser!). But you’ll don’t need to do that.  With a little bit of planning, most of the recipes Continue reading

Mais Recipes

I will be posting here recipes from the book ‘Mais Recipes’ so as to share them with as many people as possible.  Hope you’ll enjoy them.

Starting with a dessert…as they say in our country “muh meetha karo” which means “sweeten ones mouth” before embarking on an auspicious journey/event.

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

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About Me & My Cooking

My Cooking Diaries

Cooking is my passion.  Had I realised this in my earlier years I would have quite certainly opted for a career related to food …. and most likely… FOOD TECHNOLOGY.  The art and science of food and it’s preparation truly excites and fascinates me, but lacking the required expertise, I fulfil my passion by just trying out various recipes!

Ever since I was a child I used to collect all kinds of recipes.  The moment I picked a magazine I would first flip through to the recipe section.  Being a voracious reader, in addition to various fiction, non-fiction, romance, mystery….I grew up reading Eve’s Weekly, Illustrated Weekly, Readers Digest, Femina, etc. and I used to keep a scrap-book with cuttings of recipes from all magazines.  I have also noted down recipes shared by my friends and relatives. This hobby opened new avenues for me to pursue Continue reading

Hello World!


The Editor Cecilia Pinto

A great deal of thought has gone into starting this blog…and then some hesitation, should I, should I not…would I find the time, etc. But on 19th of June this year, which happens to be my mother’s birthday, something in my head & my heart nudged me to take the plunge and when I bounced the idea off my children they unanimously encouraged me to just “go for it”.

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About Mais Recipes – The Book!

Mais Recipes Front cover
Click on the picture for contact details to obtain a copy of the book

As I start this blog I can’t help but get choked-up as it brings a flood of memories of my late mother – Juliana Saldanha – things we did, things we didn’t, things we could have done better………. the memories are endless. I am sure the same goes for my siblings and I am ever so grateful for being inspired by none other than my mother herself to write “Mais Recipes” to commemorate her life which keeps us close to her.

We never imagined “Mais Recipes” would become so popular. As explained in the ‘Preface’ the book was just meant to be used within the family, but a series of events lead to a reprint of the ‘souvenir’ and we have now initiated the Third Edition which is in printing stage.

Our desire is to stay connected with all those using the book to have an exchange of queries, comments and suggestions on the recipes and to allow for open discussions. The recipes

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