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Menu Planning

Rudy Birthday 2018 (12)


A Birthday Menu

As stated is my post for Easter menu, where I have posted Menu I & II options, it is essential that any celebratory meal preparation would require some amount of planning ahead so that the day of the event becomes less stressful.  In my Easter Menu post I have given two menu options, one is North Indian fare and the second option is traditional food from Mais Recipes.

On my husband Rudy Pinto’s brithday on 6th November 2018, I had prepared the following menu which consisted of all traditional mangalorean food which he thoroughly relished and which without a doubt are his favorite dishes.

Any recipe that requires some form of marination can be made a day ahead.  Potato chops can be made ahead except for the final frying. Make sure you place butter paper/baking parchment in between the layers to prevent them sticking to each other. Alternatively, spread them out on a tray and place in the freezer to freeze individually, then place in polythelene bags or boxes.


Mais Recipes and Mangalorean traditional dishes

Main Meal :

Rudy Birthday 2018 (11)

Page numbers refer to Mais Recipes

  1. Pork (Bafad)  Page 107
  2. Mutton Curry with coconut milk (Roce Curry)  Page 86
  3. Chicken Dry  (Chicken Sukka) Page 84
  4. Fried Chicken Page  81
  5. Plain Pulao Page 122
  6. Potato Chops Page 102
  7. Sannas Page 133

For starters/appetisers  homemade 🙂

  1. Canapes with Tuna & Cucumber filling
  2. Chicken samosas


  1. Beetroot salad with orange dressing
  2. Lettuce & Boiled egg salad


  1. China Grass
  2. Gulab Jamun
  3. Assorted Mousse & cakes
  4. Ice Cream
Rudy Birthday 2018 (10)


Menu I & II (Easter Menu)

Menu IV

Ragi Banana Pancakes

The Ragi supergrain is making a come back. Also called finger millet or nachni it was one of the staples prior to the 50’s. The amazing benefits of Ragi is it is a good source of calcium, is super abundant in polyphenols and dietry fibres, has a low glycemic index, good for diabetics and an excellent source of natural iron.

  • 1 cups mashed bananas + 1 whole banana sliced for garnishing
  • 1/2 cup ragi (finger millet) flour
  • 1/2 cup rice flour
  • 1/4 cup wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp soda bicarb
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup butter milk
  • 1/2 cup walnuts (or as required)
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee or oil as required


Sieve the flours together alongwith the soda bicarb and salt. Place the mashed bananas, eggs and butter milk in a bowl and whisk together. Gradually add the flours with the soda bicarb and salt and stir well to mix to a smooth batter. Add more butter milk if required, but keep the batter to thick pouring consistency.

Heat an 8″ inch pan till very hot, grease with 1/4 tsp ghee and pour 1 cup batter and swirl the pan so it spreads evenly. Lower the flame to medium. Cover and cook till bubbles appear on the surface and the sides turn lightly brown. Take 1/4 tsp ghee and smear on the sides and middle of the pancake. Turn and cook till the underside turns brown.

Remove to a plate. Serve hot topped with sliced bananas, walnuts and honey, maple syrup or simply spread with jam and enjoy for breakfast or a tea-time snack.

Powdered cinnamon or grated nutmeg may be sprinkled over the cooked pancake for added flavor.

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