Easter Menu

Menu planning is essential for celebratory meal preparation.  Any recipe that requires some form of marination can be made a day ahead.  Spring Rolls and Potato chops can be made ahead except for the final frying. For spring rolls, make sure you place butter paper/baking parchment in between the layers to prevent them sticking to each other. Desserts too can be made ahead.

Liven-up your Easter celebration with these awesome recipes:

(Click on the pictures for a link to the recipes)


  • Mainly North Indian fare
  • Serve with any Indian bread
  • Starters: Spring Rolls
  • Dessert : Phirni

MENU OPTION TWO – “Mai’s Recipes”

  • Mainly Mangalorean fare
  • Serve with Sannas
  • Starters: Potato chops
  • Dessert: Egg Pudding/Caramel Custard

Making your own Marzipan Easter Eggs

Making Chocolate Easter Eggs

Menu Planning

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