How to make Marzipan Easter Eggs

DIY Making your own Marzipan Easter Eggs

To make marzipan eggs:

  • Ingredients for Marzipan
  • 250 gm. Blanced almonds
  • 500 gms. Icing sugar
  • Rose water for kneading

Powder the almonds and mix with icing sugar.  Knead to a soft dough using rose water a little at a time.  Divide into equal number of portions for colors you desire. Add a drop or two of the required colors for each portion and knead lightly till the color evens out. Shape into eggs with a mould or with your hands and decorate with flowers etc. using Royal Icing or fondant.

To make Royal Icing

Take egg white in a small bowl and keep adding icing sugar till the mixture becomes thick.  If runny add some more icing sugar, if too stiff add a little bit of water or milk till you get the right consistency for piping so that the piped designs hold and stand up in peaks.  I must admit, I am not very good in free hand icing designs, but I am sure you all can do better at the designing 😉

To make chocolate with marzipan eggs check out this link

To order all these and more in Mumbai, please check out my sister’s website

Easter Eggs

DIY Homemade Chocolate Easter eggs


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