Index – Breakfast Diaries

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Rava Adai (17)

Rava Adai

43High Fibre Vegetable Chilas step6

High Fibre Chilas

42Breakfast Pizza step8

Breakfast Pizzas

38Banana Walnut Bread step7

Bananas Foster Bread








28Idli Adai step6

Idli Adai

30Idli Sambar step8

Idli Sambar

33Poori Bhaji Step3

Poori Bhaji

22Breakfast Halloumi Cheese Sandwich Step9 12Jul15

Halloumi Cheese Sandwich







29English Breakfast step 5

English Breakfast

31Egg Mayonnaise sandwich step10

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

34Omlette Pav step9

Omlette Pav

40Egg Omlette with Cherry Tomatoes step7

Egg Omlette with Cherry Tomatoes







37 Eggs Benedict step14

Eggs Benedict


20Egg Burji Step8 11Jul15

Egg Bhurji

19French Toast Step7 8Jul15

French Toast 


17Sprout Cutlet Rolls Step16 6Jul15

Sprout Cutlet Rolls







16Vegetable Sandwich Step6 5Jul15

Vegetable Sandwich

15Medu Vada Step8B 4Jul15

Medu Vada

14Chutney Sandwiches Step11 2Jul15

Chutney Sandwiches


13Sheera Step13 1Jul15









10Egg Roll Step10 28Jun15

Egg Roll

3Appam step7 20Jun15



Rice Pakoras

1Toad in a hole step7 18Jun15

Toad in a Hole








110 Patolis2


26Aloo Parathas Step16 15Jul15

Aloo Parathas

8Mutlim Step12 25Jun15


25Egg Dosa Step4 14Jul15

Egg Dosa







24Onion Utthapam Step6 14Jul15

Onion Utthapam

24Onion Tomato Utthapam Step5 14Jul15

Tomato Utthapam

45Morning Lite Muffins 11

LITE-UP your Morning Muffins

Poha Upma

Poha Upma











Mughalai Egg Paratha

Mughalai Egg Paratha

Flower eggs 10

Flower Egg

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step10

Mangalore Bondas










Mysore Spring Dosa

Mysore Spring Dosa

35Mysore Sada Dosa step6

Mysore Sada Dosa










Sada Dosa

Sada Dosa, Sambar, Chutney

Lauki/Doodhi Thepla

Lauki/Doodhi Thepla

Vermicelli Upma

Vermicelli Upma

Bacon & Eggs

Bacon & Eggs








44Foul Medames step7

Foul Medames

Foul Medames

Foul Medames





11Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes Step13 29Jun15

Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes









4Cabbage Paneer Parathas Step13 21Jun15

Cabbage Paneer Parathas

Rawa Dosa

Rawa Dosa


Chhole Bhature


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