Egg Roll

10Egg Roll Step10 28Jun15


2 eggs (per sandwich roll)

Soft rolls as many as required

1 tbsp. water

Salt and Pepper to taste

Butter or ghee as required

Tomatoes and mint leaves for garnish

Break two eggs in a bowl and add a tbsp. of water.  Meanwhile heat a frying pan and smear with ghee or butter.  Beat the eggs lightly with a fork.  Pour into the heated pan and let cook slightly, then scramble roughly with a fork to make the omlette fluffy.  When almost set, turn and cook on the other side.  Fold into a roll.  Cut open the bread roll and place the omlette roll. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. Serve with tomato wedges and fresh mint leaves.

10Egg Roll Step1 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step2 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step3 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step4 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step5 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step6 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step7 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step8 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step9 28Jun15 10Egg Roll Step10 28Jun15

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