Bacon & Eggs

Bacon & Eggs


2 large eggs (per person)

5 to 6 rashers bacon

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp. butter or ghee for frying

5Bacon & Eggs Step1 22Jun15

Place the bacon in a preheated skillet and fry till crisp (or as desired). Drain on absorbent paper towels.

5Bacon & Eggs Step2 22Jun15 5Bacon & Eggs Step3 22Jun15 5Bacon & Eggs Step4 22Jun15 5Bacon & Eggs Step5 22Jun15

Heat butter or ghee in a frying pan and add break both eggs into the pan and fry till the whites are set (if you like them sunny-side up).

5Bacon & Eggs Step7 22Jun15

If not, flip over and fry till yolks are set.  Sprinkle salt and pepper powder and serve with a glass of orange juice.

5Bacon & Eggs Step8 22Jun155Bacon & Eggs Step6 22Jun15

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