Mangalore Bonda – Goli Baje

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step10



1 ½ cups all purpose flour/Maida

¼ cup rice flour

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper powder

1 tbsp. finely minced ginger

2 sprigs curry leaves, finely chopped

¼ cup chopped coriander leaves

2 green chillies, finely minced

1 tbsp. sugar

2 cups yoghurt

¼ tsp. soda bicarb

Oil for deep frying

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step1

Mix the maida and rice flour.  Add salt and pepper powder.  Mix in the rest of the ingredients till sugar and beat well with the yoghurt to form a smooth batter.  Add more yoghurt if necessary.

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step2 41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step3 41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step4 41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step5

Set aside for an hour. Then add the soda bicarb and mix well.

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step6

Heat oil in a kadai until hot.  Test the oil by putting a drop of the batter into the oil, if it immediately sizzles and floats to the top the oil is ready.  If not wait a little longer.  Put a tablespoon scoop of batter for each bonda and fry 4 to 5 bondas at a time.

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step7

Reduce the flame to medium and fry turning to fry evenly until golden brown.

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step8

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step9

Remove and drain on absorbent paper.  Serve hot and crisp, with or without chutney.

41Mangalore Bonda-Goli Baje step11

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