Flower Eggs – Low-Carb Toad in a hole

Flower eggs 10


Flower eggs (Low-carb Toad in a Hole)


4 eggs

1 big bell pepper any colour

Olive oil or butter

Salt and pepper

Flower eggs or Low Carb toad in a hole 1

Wash and slice bell pepper into 1 cm thick rings, removing the inside seeds and white parts. Warm a non-stick pan and smear with oil or butter and fry the rings on both sides till light brown.

Flower eggs 3

Crack open the egg carefully in the centre.

Flower eggs 4

Fry till the bottom is crisp and the white sets.

Flower eggs 6

Cover the pan with a lid to achieve this result.

Flower eggs 5

Flower eggs 7

Flower eggs 9

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  If you need to fry both sides, gently flip and fry for a minute or two.

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