Hello World!


The Editor Cecilia Pinto

A great deal of thought has gone into starting this blog…and then some hesitation, should I, should I not…would I find the time, etc. But on 19th of June this year, which happens to be my mother’s birthday, something in my head & my heart nudged me to take the plunge and when I bounced the idea off my children they unanimously encouraged me to just “go for it”.

So here I am.  Have been working on this for the past approximately two months. My elder son Raoul who is a professional photographer admonishes me for not calling him to take the pictures, but with both of us holding full-time corporate jobs, I don’t feel it is practical to do that as I have been taking pictures of my cooking with step-by-step procedures, and cooking according to my convenience which may not be a convenient time for him.  My son Rohan, just keeps pushing me to go ahead with fulfilling all my dreams. My daughter Nicole says ‘mama you need to use a better camera’! Well I will, but I find my phone-camera just so convenient… So hope you’ll like the pictures.   My two daughters-in-law, Charmaine and Valencia, are encouraging and loving as always.  My husband, Rudy has stood by me and supported me in my various ventures and I often end up making him a guinea-pig in my cooking pursuits.

Hope this blog will benefit everyone and I will endeavour to enhance, develop and build it in a meaningful way as I go along.

With best wishes,

Cecilia Pinto



  1. Cherryl Fernandes says:

    You’re indeed a great inspiration Aunty. May you always be enthusiastic and achieve all your dreams…. All the best with your cooking diaries… God bless

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  2. Cindy Dsilva says:

    Wow, Aunty!!!! All the best!!! I barely began blogging too but nothing on my site is productive like your cooking… mine’s just for timepass reading!! 😉 going to try a few recipes from your blog though!!! Heard a lot about your yummy dishes!!!

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  3. Iona Fernandes says:

    Cecilia, you are awesome. Sharing your mother’s recipes and even the simplest ones are certainly a help for beginners.
    Glad that you started this culinary blog. Wishing you all the best in this endeavour.


    • Dear Iona,
      Thank you for your kind comments. Over 15 years before starting this culinary blog, I comprised my mother’s recipes in a book “Mai;s Recipes” to share her recipes, whcih has been appreciated and is being used by many all over the world. In case you wish to have a copy it’s available at Mangalore stores Malad Orlem market.The blog I started to share my recipes and experiences. Hope you will visit often and benefit from the available content.


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