Hotel Calcutta Kuwait – Valentine’s Family Lunch

February 2017


Our Valentine’s family lunch this year was at “Hotel Calcutta”; the name clearly a misnomer for me as, in my mind it conjured up images of traditional Bengali cuisine known for its subtle flavors like the jhals, jhols, kormas, Posto, and desserts like Mishti Doi and Roshgollas and we were already discussing that we would skip the ‘Macher Jhol’, etc.  But the menu, though very limited, is predominantely influenced by the distinct Awadhi legacy of the Nawab era of the 1700’s which is derived from Mughlai cuisine. Typical Mumbai street fare like Pau Bhaji, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, etc. has also made it to the menu and can be enjoyed in a 5-Star setting, not sure if these are also part of Calcutta street fare as I have not visited Calcutta.

The Restaurant at Soku Avenues Phase 3 in Kuwait, depicts a hotel lobby and the interiors, which are airy with plenty of natural light, transports you to the Colonial era of 16th century India.  The ambience was very comforting with pink-white marble and wood carved furniture and baby pink upholstery.

Going to the food, everything was of very good taste and excellent presentation, though the Ajwaini Prawn Salad was a bit of a disappointment with no Ajwaini taste and just four prawns around a heap of lettuce!  The mixed-grilled platter had something missing as in the chicken botis didn’t give you the melt in your mouth and luscious feel though the stuffed kababs nearly made-up!  The Lady Finger Jaipuri a cispy crunchy treat won everyone’s heart.


Koshambiri Pakora Salad


Lady Finger Jaipuri


Ajwaini Prawn Salad


Mixed Grill Platter

The main course of Calcutta Dal Makhani, Chicken Tikka Masala, Coconut Prawn Curry, Awadhi Lamb Biryani accompanied by naans and rotis, were excellent in taste. The Biryani had a strong fragrance of rose flavoring which is characteristic of nawabi awadhi cuisine but I would say the Chef did go a little overboard with this essence.


Calcutta Dal Makhani


Chicken Tikka Masala


Coconut Prawn Curry


Awadhi Biryani




Garlic Naan

Of the desserts, Gulab Jamoon Cheesecake and Naan Butter Pudding were a perfect marriage of the best of Indian and Continental desserts put together and were truly excellent in taste. The Malai Kulfi was not the best but by far better than most I have tasted in Kuwait.


Gulab Jamoon Cheesecake


Naan & Butter Pudding


Malai Kulfi


Home-made Ice Cream (Karak)

The finger-bowl also needs mention… Organic rose petals and tea infused lemon water, warm and soothing… Do you call this a waste of good food ingredients or Royalty!


In conclusion, service was prompt and quality of food and ingredients was exceptional. Wondering about the pricing? Works out to approximately KD.10/- per person.

Was it worth indulging, yes even if just for the ‘Lady Finger Jaipuri’…. can still feel the awesome taste and crunch…..


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