Coconut Chutney

23Sada Dosa Step11A 13Jul15



6 tbsp. coconut
4 green chilies or to taste
few sprigs coriander leaves and or curry leaves
2 garlic cloves
1 small onion
2 tbsp. dalia (roasted chana)
2 tbsp. yogurt
salt to taste

23Dosa Chutney Step1 13Jul15
Grind all the above with as little water as possible.

23Dosa Chutney Step2 13Jul15 23Dosa Chutney Step3 13Jul15 23Dosa Chutney Step4 13Jul15
To temper (optionl)
Little ghee, mustard seeds,
1 tsp.urad dal, curry leaves, few cloves garlic… then add ground chutney n let it heat through. Do not let it boil! Serve with dosas or idlis.

23Dosa Chutney Step5 13Jul15 23Sada Dosa step11B23Dosa Chutney Step6 13Jul15

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