Sprouting Seeds and Beans

Sprouted beans and seeds are highly nutritious and full of vitamins, minerals and proteins. We can sprout moong, black eyed beans, gram (chana), moth beans (Matki), peas, soyabean, groundnuts, whole masoor, rajma, methi etc. These beans, pulses and seeds contain enzymes in a dormant state which are activated when sprouted. One cup of dehydrated beans or seeds will yield four or more cups depending on length of the sprouts.

Simple and effective method to sprouting beans and seeds. Clean and rinse moong beans and methi seeds (as shown here) three to four times and soak in water for 6 to 8 hours. Change the water a couple of times in between if possible to wash out the carbs that make them gassy.

Drain all the water in which they were soaked, rinse with fresh water, drain and leave to sprout in the same bowl.  Cover with a perforated lid if possible to allow air and some sunlight. Sprinkle some water at intervals and drain. It is not necessary to hang in muslin cloth etc.

These sprouts have appeared after 8 to 10 hours.

After 24 hours

After 36 hours.

Use as required and store the balance in zip loc bags or in airtight containers in the refrigerator and use for three days to upto a week.

Best way to consume sprouts:-

  1. It is best to consume sprouts in it’s raw form in a salad or by themselves as cooking destroys most of the nutrients.  Cook lightly, if you must.
  2. Put sprouts into any hot soup.
  3. Put into a mixed salad
  4. Add to bhel or chaat
  5. Add to plain yogurt alongwith cucumber, pineapple and tomatoes for a delicious and nutritious raita.
  6. Add to sandwich fillings
  7. Garnish poha and upma with fresh sprouts
  8. Add to gravies and vegetables.

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