The COVID-19 Break!

As the world begins to slowdown with the Coronavirus causing wide-ranging consequences and several countries locked-down or going into one sooner rather than later to control their population against the Pandemic, we pray that those infected recover quickly and the spread of the coronavirus is contained and mitigated swiftly and completely.

Those of us who have until now managed to escape the threat of the virus have to thank nature and The Almighty for keeping us safe and giving us the much needed “wind-down” time we are having.  We need to use this time to pray, meditate, exercise, read, write, relax and catch-up on things we always wanted to but were running short on time.

Given that we now have more family time, we should use this opportunity also to nurture and nourish our family members with fresh wholesome home cooked meals and prepare hot homemade breakfasts, lunches and dinners and snacks. Why not use this time to also prepare all those traditional recipes you thought were ‘time-consuming’ and always wanted to try and use the opportunity to introduce traditional cooking and culture to your children and family.

It is also an opportune time to stock up your pantry with your favorite home-made masalas, pickles, preserves, etc. all recipes available in “Mais Recipes” which has been in circulation for over twenty years!

So make the most of this break. Enjoy fresh home-cooked meals to boost your immunity which is important to fight any illness.  Additionally, include citrus fruits for its Vitamin C, lemons and lemon juice, nuts, ginger, garlic, raw onion, hot herbal teas, turmeric, green and leafy vegetables, coloured vegetables like carrots, red and yellow capsicums, squashes, sweet potatoes, yogurt, etc.

Meanwhile, stay calm, wash your hands with soap frequently and follow the official directives of your governments and local authorities.  Social-distancing at this time is of paramount importance, so stay sequestered if necessary and be safe.

With best wishes to one an all from Team Mai’s Recipes and!!

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